Fruit Fly Baiting

1.   All fruits and some vegetables as target crops.
2.   Fully calibrated helicopter spray systems with custom built nozzles for application of GF- 120 NF
3.   Average field sizes see 300 hectares per hour baited.
4.   350 droplets per square meter, droplets the size of a match head according to label parameters.
5.   GF-120 NF is applied in a 1:1 mixture with water, making it super concentrated which ensures that
      droplets lasts longer, are more attractive to fruit flies and results in increased level of eventual
      control as part of an area wide approach to fruit fly management vs ground applications which
      are generally applied in a mixture of 1:9
6.   Spray height of 20m to 30m above the target area as endorsed by product manufacturers.
   7.  All spray lines are mapped and monitored ensuring precise application. these maps are available
        to the producer for export purposes.

Aerial application is more effective than ground application because:

1.   Bigger area treated in short time
2.   Reliability vs ground applications which are sometimes not done properly
3.   Concentrated GF-120 mixture: droplets last longer, better eventual level of control
4.   Area wide management


1.   Wheat, canola, alien plants, fruit trees, vineyards etc.
2.   Average 30 liters per hectare volume application, however any volume is achievable as per the
      chemical label requirements.
3.   Average field sizes see 60 hectares per hour sprayed.
4.   Area sprayed is mapped and these sprayed maps are available to the producer or client.
5.   Normal spray operations use a tee jet non drip nozzle, with a D6 core and a hollow cone whirl
      plate. This produces an average 300 micron droplet, however for specific applications requiring
      other volumes and droplet sizes there are a large variety of nozzles available.
6.   Spray height is normally 2m to 3m above target area to produce the ultimate coverage.
Cherry Drying

1.   Helicopters hover slowly over cherry trees effectively drying them after rains or heavy dew.
2.   Effective at 30 hectares per hour per helicopter.
3.   Hover height is approximately 3m to 4m above the tops of the trees.
Snail baiting, fertilising and seeding

1.   All dry seeds and granules can be applied through an under slung bucket system from 0.5 kg per
      hectare to 100 kg per hectare according to required application.
2.   All spray lines are mapped and client is supplied with spray lines on a google earth map of
      the property.
3.   All applications of dry granulated remedies are achieved with a calibration certificate from the
Crop spraying and specialised air services