Based in Wellington in the Western Cape, Ross Air specializes in aerial
agricultural solutions.

Whether it may be crop spraying, baiting, seeding, fertilizing or drying, we have an application to suit
your needs.

Relying on state of the art GPS technology, Ross Air ensures your application is precise in all aspects.
Ground crew on site mix small quantities of product constantly, maximizing product freshness applied to
the target. Weather stations are placed at each spray job enabling the operation to stay within the wind,
temperature and humidity parameters of the label of the product.

At Ross Air, we pride ourselves on professionalism and honesty, integrated with client service of the highest
level. Remaining a small operation allows Ross Air to form relationships with clients and to provide the
personal touch that our clients have enjoyed through the years that we have been flying.

A Bell Jet Ranger and a Robinson R44 helicopter is available at Ross Air. The difference in the helicopters
capacity allows us to select the correct machine and equipment for the job at hand, whether we need
bulk applications or small difficult to reach fields. Spray equipment supplied by world leading
companies, and maintained to the highest standard, along with a full range of spares allows us to apply
constantly with little or no down time.
Advantages of helicopter application:

1. Speed of application allows farmer to “get ahead”
2. Precision application in tight situations
3. Zero soil compaction
4. Cost effective even in comparison to ground applicators
5. Mix on property next to block, allowing client to view application and mixing

           Excellent coverage equals increased product efficacy
Crop spraying and specialised air services